AUSTRALIA-From Nov.04-June 05/August 05-Sep.05
Population:20 million -Capitol:Canberra,ACT -Currency:Australian Dollars
Famous People:Cate Blanchet,Hugh Jackman,Michael Hutchence,Sir Rolf Harris,Dame Edna Everage,Shane Warne -Famous For:The Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House,Ayers Rock(or Uluru),Cricket,The Outback,Neighbours & Home 'n Away !

NEW ZEALAND-From June 05-August 05
Population:6 million -Capitol:Wellington,North Island -Currency:NZ Dollars
Famous People:Sir Edmund Hillory,Dan Carter,Peter Jackson,Sir Richard Hadley -Famous For:The All Blacks Rugby Team,Stunning Scenery,Set of Lord of the Rings,Whale Watching,The Haka

THAILAND-From Sep.05-Nov.05
Population:60 million -Capitol:Bangkok -Currency:Baht
Famous People:Thaksin Sinawatra(Former Prime Minister & Manchester City owner),King Bhumibal Adulyadej(Longest serving Monarch in the world:9th of June 1944-Presant day) Famous For:Muay Thai (Kickboxing),Ladyboys,The Full Moon Parties on Ko Pgan Gnan

MALAYSIA-From 18th Nov.05-20th Nov.05
Population:27 million -Capitol:Kuala Lumpar -Currency:Ringgit
Famous People:Jimmy Choo(Fashion Designer),Michelle Yeoh(Actress)-Famous For:Orangutans of Sabah,Borneo.,The Petronas Towers(Worlds Tallest Buildings from 1998-2004)

ITALY-From 27th Feb.07-March 2nd 07/4th Oct.09-5th Oct.09
Population:58.9 million -Capitol:Rome -Currency:Euros
Famous People:Leonardo Da Vinci,Monica Bellucci,Luciano Pavarotti,Paolo Maldini,Enzo Ferrari -Famous For:Pizza,The Colleseum,The Mafia,Football,Lake Garda

THE CZECH REPUBLIC-From 5th April 07-11th April 07
Population:10.4 million -Capitol:Prague -Currency:Koruna(Crowns)
Famous People:Martina Navaratilova,Peter Cech,Ivan Lendel,Milan Baros -Famous For:Charles IV Bridge,Prague Castle,The Astronomiacal Clock,The Chapel of All Saints-Sedlec,Kutna Hora(Entire interior of the Church is made of human bones !)

SLOVAKIA-From 11th April 07-12th April 07
Population:5.2 million -Capitol:Bratislava -Currency:Slovak Koruna(Crowns) Famous People:Martin Skrtel(Liverpool & Slovakia Footballer),Andy Warhol( real name Andrew Warhola),Dr Josef Venglos(Football Manager-Aston Villa,Celtic,Slovak National Team),Daniela Hantuchova(Tennis) -Famous For:Ice Hockey(Makes more Pucks than any other country!),Beautiful Women,Bratislava Castle

GERMANY-From 12th April 07-15th April 07
Population:83.2 million -Capitol:Berlin -Currency:Euros
Famous People:Ludvig Van Beethoven,Roland Emmerich(Film Director),Jurgen Klinsmann,Boris Becker,Michael Schumakker,Franz Beckenbauer-Famous For:The Brandenburg Gate,The Berlin Wall,Black Forest Gateau,Oktoberfest


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