AUSTRIA-From 15th April 07- 18th April 07
Population:8.2 million -Capitol:Vienna -Currency:Euros
Famous People:Arnold Schwarzenegger,Johan Strauss,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,Niki Lauda,Marie Antoinette -Famous For:Skiing,The Alps,Composers,The Austro-Hungarian Empire

POLAND-From 18th April 07-20th April 07/8th Feb.09-12th Feb.09
Population:38 million -Capitol:Warsaw -Currency:Zloty
Famous People:Fryderek Chopin,Samuel Goldwyn,Roman Polanski,Lech Walesa,Artur Boruc -Famous For:The Tatras,Auschwitz(well infamous!),The great historic & modern-day party Cities Warsaw,Krakow,Katowice,Gdansk

NORTHERN IRELAND-From 5th June 07-7th June 07
Population:1.7 million -Capitol:Belfast -Currency:Pound
Famous People:George Best,Liam Neeson,Stephen Rea,James Nesbitt,Van Morrison -Famous For:Giants Causeway,the home of The Titanic,the birthplace of the Pneumatic tyre !

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND-From 7th June 07-9th June 07
Population:4 million -Capitol:Dublin -Currency:Euros
Famous People:Richard Harris,Colin Farrel,Bono(real name Paul Hewson),Bob Geldof,Roy Keane,Michael Collins -Famous For:Guiness,the Craic,St Patricks Day,Leprechauns,Gaelic

THE NETHERLANDS-From 18th August 07-24th August 07
Population:16 million -Capitol:Amsterdam -Currency:Euros
Famous People:Vincent Van Gogh,Rutger Hauer,Ruud Gulitt,Paul Verhoeven,Johan Cruyff Famous For:Windmills,Red Light District,Smoking Weed!,Total Football,Tulips

BELGIUM-From 24th August 07-26th August 07
Population:10.3 million -Capitol:Brussles -Currency:Euros
Famous People:Jean Claude Van Damme,Philip Albert,Eric Gerrets,Herman De Coninck -Famous For:Chocolate,Beer,Poirot,Home of the European Union

LUXEMBOURG-From 26th August 07-26th August 07 !
Population:480,222 -Capitol:Luxembourg City -Currency:Euro
Famous People:Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg,Emil Hersch -Famous For:Luxemburgers are the best language speakers in the world with above 90% of the population speaking at least 3 languages.Luxembourg is a Grand Duchy,the only one in the world and has a constitutional monarch system of goverment,the presant head of state is Grand Duke Henri

SCOTLAND-From 3 Oct.07-10th Oct.07/21st May 08-25th May 08
Population 5.1 million -Capitol:Edinburgh -Currency:Pound
Famous People:Robert Burns,Ewan McGregor,Sean Connery,Alexander Graham Bell,John Logie Baird,Billy Connolly,Kenny Dalgliesh,William Wallace,Gordon Brown,Robert Louie Stevenson -Famous For:Edinburgh Castle,Haggis,Scotch Whiskey,Golf,Tartan,The Thistle,Bannockburn,Loch Ness Monster,The Highlands,The Edinburgh Festival,The Kilt


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