FRANCE-From 13th Oct.08-18th Oct.08
Population:60.6 million -Capitol:Paris -Currency:Euros
Famous People:Napoleon Bonaparte,Brigette Bardot,Joan of Arc,Zinedine Zidanne,Yves Saint-Laurent,Victor Hugo,Serge Blanco -Famous For:The Eiffel Tower,The Riviera,Croissants,Wine,The Seine,Arch De Triumph,The Lourve,Palace of Versaille

HUNGARY-From 13th Feb.09-16th Feb.09
Population:10.3 million -Capitol:Budapest -Currency:Forint
Famous People:Zsa Zsa Gabor,Bela Bartok,Harry Houdini,Ferenc Puskas,Bela Lugosi -Famous For:Thermal Baths,The Danube,Goulash,The Parliment Building,The Austro-Hungarian Empire

CANADA-From 24th May 09-1st June 09
Population :33.4 million -Capitol:Ottawa,ONT -Currency:Canadian Dollar
Famous People:Bryan Adams,Donald Sutherland,Neil Young,Micahel J Fox,Wayne Gretsky,Jima Carey,Ryan Reynolds -Famous For:The Rockies,Coors Beer,CN Tower,Niagra Falls,Maple Syrup & Pancakes,Bears,Ice Hockey

USA-From 2nd June 09-8th June 09
Population :303 million -Capitol:Washington DC -Currency:US Dollar
Famous People:Barack Obama,George Washington,Brad Pitt,Bill Gates,Jimi Hendrix,Abraham Lincoln,Steven Spielberg,Angelina Jolie,Tiger Woods,Beyonce Knowles,Michael Jackson -Famous For:The Empire State Building,McDonalds,Hollywood,The Oscars,The White House,Hollywood,Statue of Liberty,Bagels,Grand Canyon,Disneyworld,Bagels

SLOVENIA-From 5th Oct.09-8th Oct.09
Population:2 million -Capitol:Lubljanna -Currency: Euros
Famous People:Joze Plecnik,Rene Krhin,Mima Jausovec,Robert Kranjec,Zlatko Zahovic -Famous For:Lake Bled,Sking,Wines,Forests,Lake Bohinj,Biggest Ski Jump in the World,The Three Bridges in Ljubljanna

CROATIA-From 8th Oct.09-11th Oct.09
Population:4.4 million -Capitol:Zagreb -Currency:Kuna
Famous Peolpe:Davor Suka,Goran Ivanisevic,Joseph Haydn,Nikola Tessler,Luka Modric,Goran Visnjic -Famous For:The Cravat(Hrvat),Sljivovica,St. Stephens Cathedral,The Seaside Towns of Split & Dubrovnik

MALTA-From 16th Jan. 10-23rd Jan. 10
Population:411,950 -Capitol:Valetta -Currency:Euros
Famous People:Tony Drago,Michael Mifsud,OJ Borg,Suzzanne Mizzi,Kevin Muscat -Famous For:Churches,The Knights of St.John,the soft drink Kinnie,The old yellow Buses,Taxien Temples,Paceville

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