In the last 5 years i'v been to 31 countries,some feat even if i do say so myself ! Safe to say i'v got ''the bug'' now. It has been everything i expected & more...seeing the world in all it's glory...meeting new people from all over the world & experiencing everything the world has to offer !!! I had no idea before i embarked on this huge journey of discovery how amazing it would be...after my year away backpacking i thought i'd settle down & that would be that...that it would be ''out of my system'' but i think that year had the opposite effect on me & left me wanting more !..and why not when you think how lucky we are in the UK with all of Continental Europes beautiful scenery & culture on our doorstep...just a few short hours away & even with the excessive taxes involved,still very reasonable prices on flights...throw in the great rates of your average hostel & the awesome experience of staying in one & you got a fairly decent priced holiday....no point in paying for a package deal i'd say !!! Obviously you need your spending money but that does'nt have to be alot when your in certain parts of the world...and when hostels got their own kitchen there's no need to eat out...in my experience quite alot give you a free breakfast or dinner...as much tea or coffee as you can drink & the internet for nothing too...plus special deals for all the tourist things you might want to do..i.e museums,trips,pub 'n club nights etc...also they offer a more personal touch when your a stranger in a new city.I'v even stayed in one's where the guest can enjoy such extras as a sauna or jacuzzi or a mini-cinema auditorium ! The highs far outweigh the lows in my experience when it comes to travelling & in my humble oppinion such a benefit to a persons character...whether it's being bowled over by Rome's historic splendour & gorgeous cuisine..laughing hysterically on one of Adventure Slovenia's GREAT Tours with the brilliant Jure...pleasantly suprised by Tallinn's amazing art-neuvo architecture & party scene...or totaly amused & bemused at how quirky Dublin's locals can be..even while sober !.....Yes you can not beat ''being on the road'' for me !!!!

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